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Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Hello Loves ,

Welcome to ELSIEWITHLOVE’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE ❤️. A very big hug to you who is reading this blog! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! To those who have only recently discovered this lady who draws *weird potted plants;

Hi! I am Elsie, the artist and creator of KAKPOOT AKA ‘Kaktus’ in a pot* . During the 2020 lockdown, my daughter and I were trying to kill time. We spent our days drawing and creating a world of shy little plants that come to life during the absence of Hoomans. These cheeky buggers love playing and guarding our precious stationeries. We drew comics and painted scenes of these magical creatures. It helps ease our fears through those uncertain times. This is also where I took that leap of faith, to share our little creations to the world through instagram, creating rubber stamps and stickers. And through my family’s blessings and support, Elsiewithlove was born. I have never looked back ever since.

After nearly 3 years of dedicating myself wholeheartedly into Elsiewithlove, I think it is time to have a more permanent platform of our own. I am thankful to instagram and facebook for allowing me to reach out to you guys all over the world for the past 3 years. But as their platform started changing its direction ever too rapidly I find it hard to keep up with their changes, which in turn makes it a bit difficult to keep in touch with you guys. I know that the new website is gonna be a long process for me (as an absolute digital dummy). It’s gonna be so so hard to learn how to navigate a new system and platform. However, I feel that this website is the way that I get to finally connect with you guys on a more consistent and deeper level, then will the journey be worth it!

This little place will be a safe space for me to freely share my wildest ideas and thoughts with you all. Most importantly, this space is for us to be able to CONNECT WITH YOU. The ones that have faithfully and truly her to support our mission, vision and dreams.

We truly can’t thank you enough for sticking around with us and so we will be dedicating the website to my faithful loving hoomans. Here we shall have so much fun, discovering new ideas together, new exclusive designs, some behind the scenes of all the crazy ideas and what actually goes in and out of the brain of Elsie’s lol. Uncensored, unfiltered.

So here’s me, Elsie. A full time artist (dragging my brother Ryan into this adventure). To be honest with you guys, it has been a roller coaster ride. All the highs and lows to keep this little brand running.

The road ahead is still filled with uncertainties, but dreams are real and so are the bills lollllll …

Our almighty God above is watching over us and all things are possible! Let's be the superheros of own fairytale!

We will be setting Up a new “Buy Kakpoot a Coffee'' platform in hopes that we could have another channel of a support system to fight against the great landlord monsters and electrical eel bills… lol! Sorry brain is going a little wild here (yes this is how it’s gonna be here … real and wild hahahaa) We really hope you will team up with us on our adventures ahead.

As my thank you note for taking the time to read this lengthy post, here’s a special FREE DOWNLOAD to a digital artwork for your mobile screen! If you like this theme like we do, there is moree to where it comes from. It’s a sneak peek of next month’s theme on an upcoming exclusive design just for you. Stay tuned for more exciting news we are about to drop soon~ stay positive loves! God bless You!

Together we grow


Elsie with love =)

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1 Comment

Marie VP
Marie VP
Aug 10, 2023

This is so wonderful Elsie 💖 I am so happy for you and your little tribe! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs