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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is "Buy Kakpoot a Coffee"?
    "Buy Kakpoot a Coffee" is essentially a way of supporting Elsie and her craft! We've set up a membership tier for this, where you can access exclusive content to support our work on an ongoing basis.
  • What is an Exclusive Store and how do I access it?
    An exclusive store is a shop of past artworks that Elsie has worked on for the "Buy Kakpoot a Coffee" project. Anyone who decides to support Elsie by selecting the "Awesome Kakpoot" tier (highest membership) will have access to the store and a chance to purchase these products. Do note that the products listed are available at a limited quantity, and once it is sold out, the prints / postcards will not be reprinted. This is the best time to get them if you're looking to collect them all!
  • How many tiers are there and which one should I go for?
    Currently, there are 3 membership tiers. Tier 1 - Super Kakpoot Tier 2 - Fantastic Kakpoot Tier 3 - Awesome Kakpoot Each tier offers different rewards as a "Thank you" for supporting Elsie. It is entirely up to you on which tier to go for! The project is created as a way to show your support to Elsie and we love you all the same :))
  • How long does my access to exclusive content last for?
    All tiers will be valid for 1 month. This means that any access to exclusive content can be viewed for 1 month starting from your payment date. Once the subscription ends, you will no longer have access to the exclusive content :((
  • How often will there be a new postcard & sticker design?
    New artworks (postcards & stickers) will be updated bi-monthly. This means that one artwork will be available within a two month period. After two months, a new design will be updated. Eg. Artwork 1 - Sept & Oct 23' Artwork 2 - Nov & Dec 23'
  • How will I receive my handwritten postcards and/or sticker sheets?
    As a way of thanking you for supporting Elsie, all members from all tiers will receive a handwritten postcard by Elsie herself! We will be sending them to you the traditional way, Slow Mail! All postcards will be mailed on Friday every week. Kindly allow at least 4 - 6 weeks before the postcards/letters reaches you. For more information, please email us at
  • How will my purchases from the Exclusive Store be sent?
    Similarly, any products purchased from the Exclusive Store will be sent via a Registered Slow Mail. A Registered Slow Mail means that your purchases will still be sent through the traditional way, but with a tracking number. This hopefully helps you know when the mail is coming!
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