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Has Elsiewithlove gone missing?

Hi Friends!

We know we've been suspiciously quiet lately especially on our blog posts here. Just to let you know, we're all perfectly fine! In fact, we've been busy preparing many fun projects for Christmas this year and it was a struggle keeping them a secret. We love Christmas so so much, that we're making sure to produce the same fun, joy and warmth of the season in our beloved Kakpoots! Like last year, we've launched a Christmas Mystery Box filled with little treasures as a gift to purchase for yourself / loved ones. We've been constantly researching and were on a hunt for more curated stationeries to include in our box for the 2023 Edition.

We received many requests for more stationery-related products in the Mystery Box and we heard ya! This year we've up-ed our game and will curate more items for you to use during your journal sessions! Most items are produced in our own Tofu Studio and we really hope you'd love what we came up with. We're now suited up in our Santa hats and Christmas sweaters, ready to wrap the prezzies for you. Mama Cat is more enthusiastic than ever! She'd drop by the studio everyday to help out and would be patiently waiting for orders to come in. I'll drop you some behind-the-scenes in the next blog post soon :))

This year, we're also hosting our annual Christmas Journal Jam (JJs) in KL for the first time! The past 2 years, Elsiewithlove has hosted Christmas JJs across Penang. It's a time for many journalers to gather and celebrate Christmas while sharing their favourite stationeries with everyone. More so, it is a comfort space for a group of people doing the same thing that they love. Good things are meant to be shared and we love that!

October was also a packed month. It was our 3rd Anniversary. Can you believe it?! We've been doing this for 3 years! And it's thanks to everyone here for allowing us to do what we love most. More importantly, it is your love and support for the Kakpoots that Elsie created. We have lots of stories to share, from the time we started this on our dining table, to now having a studio to work in. But we'll save it for another time. Also, we're so happy to have met many Kakpoot foster parents from everywhere! The 3rd Anniversary is a perfect reminder for us and everyone in this community that dreams do come true! We even got to fly to Europe for the first time and met so many wonderful people! We can't wait to do it again, hopefully soon ;)

So here's just a small recap of what we've been up to for the past couple of weeks. I'll make it a habit to always keep you in the loop of this small little brand we're pationate about. We have so much to talk about but so little time!! It's okay, this gives us the motivation to work harder. Till next time!

With Love,

Elsie, Ryan & Mama Cat (meow~)

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