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New Blog Series - The Brother's POV

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Greetings fellow readers (and kakpoot foster parents). I’m Ryan, Elsie’s partner-in-crime! I’m not sure if you’ve heard much about me. I prefer hiding behind the scenes, along with the rest of the kakpoots. I mainly manage the more mundane parts of Elsiewithlove, or as many like to call me: The Invoice Guy. Of course together with Mama Cat and Elsie, I help snuggle the kakpoots comfortably into boxes before they arrive at your door. I’d like to take the time, however, to thank every single one of you for dropping by our newly launched website! It means so much to me, to see the amount of love and support that you guys have given to Elsiewithlove. And to that, I’d like to raise a glass and thank you personally :)

Just like my sister, I’ve made the decision to hop on this adventure with Elsie to start building a little brand that we’re so passionate about. To be able to see my sister pour in so much love and to have her crafts appreciated by so many of you, makes me feel so proud of Elsie and this community. I was able to witness firsthand the amount of love and encouragement the community has. Even though it was the first time meeting everyone, it felt as if you’ve known each other for ages! I’m genuinely touched by the amazing support from all of you. The voyage into uncharted waters was definitely a scary one, but we couldn’t have met you guys without taking that first leap of faith. I have zero regrets.

I’m not one who talks a lot, BUT in this segment, I’ll give you some insights into what it feels like to be at Elsiewithlove. Possibly even a different perspective. Kinda like a brother’s point of view. Maybe you’ll get to see a little bit more of Elsie’s crazy mind through my lens 😂😂. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some special appearances by Mama Cat as well! Stay tuned and come hang out around here some time. We’ll update this place occasionally so you don’t get bored!

I’m off now, see you in the future!

Her Brother,


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