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Little Mobile Library

I love to read. Simple as that. I love reading in the morning specially, because it just allows me to be away from the phone and social media. And so I always want to be ever ready to grab a book to read whenever I can! So I kinda hoard books in my car just so I could reach for it instantly. I never mind how heavy they are. Ever. I can splurge alot on books but no on shoes. It's the weirdest thing.

I'm always on the hunt for books and making sure I have at least one new book ready for me to read before I finish the on I am currently on because if I don't have anything else on standby? I would literally stop reading the last chapter of the book until i know for sure that I have another book I can jump onto.

Yup weird 101 things about Elsie haha! I would feel so lost for not having anything to read. Are you a reader youself? Do you have a reading habit too? Let me know!

With love,


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