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From the Desk: Thoughts on Summer

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Summer! One of the four seasons that is synonymous with vibrant days, warmth and fun! The season of outdoor activities and the only time to wear lighter clothing (we're just guessing). Here in Malaysia, we have the privilege of the tropical heat every single day. And even sometimes, the heat gets a little bit too much. We all know how weathers can affect our mood drastically and you may think that summer is all fun and joy, but to us Malaysians, the heat gets the best of us. Especially our sister, Audrey. She felt that it was time to a break from work and the weather. She told us of her vacation she had planned months ahead, and flaunted her plans to soak in the pool with an iced-cold glass of orange juice. We could only dream of having the same enjoyment, but was held back by reality :(

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