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From the Desk - Port Dickson is Real!

It's a beautiful Friday morning // 16th Feb 2024.

Currently in a hotel called Lexus Hibiscus at a little town: Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. We are actually on our way to send our little one to Seremban, for a camp but decided to stop here first.

Why Port Dickson? Well if you are from the 80s or 90s and was studying in a Malaysian public school, you will probably have read or heard of Port Dickson. A lot.

I used to remember writing essays about this place! It's always about "Berkelah di Port Dickson" - A picnic at Port Dickson. The funny thing is that most of us have never been to this place! Yet we had to write essays about travelling here as a family for picnics and holidays in our Malay exams and homeworks. So this place just seems to leave a print on me (that includes my husband too haha!)

We realized that our little one's camp is located near Port Dickson! and so we decided to end that mystery and here we are! Not exactly for a picnic but we made it 😂

Loves, now you may have somewhere or a place in your heart where you may think "Oh well, it's just a place I could only hear about or see on TV and movies. It's not possible for me to go there'. Life is full of surprises, my friend. And our God is a very creative one, you just never know! His plans may not be like a book all written down for us to see. You know why? Because he wants us to hold the pen and write it with him! So just keep writing and keep believing. One chapter at a time. Pursue your fairy tale and slay those dragons!

Sending you love from the moments where Elsie made it into her malay essays and textbook's "Port Dickson"


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