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From the Desk: Polling Day

Today our little Penang island is having its state elections! Mama Cat told us to go out and vote, said it was our civic duty to do so. That's why we're waking up early to have breakfast!... and then vote!

A special thing about our elections here in Malaysia, is that everyone gets their finger dipped in an indelible ink (or some call it the election ink). That's just one way to prevent double votes in case someone decides to do something sneaky! Then everyone gets this little paper with the polling station number While the blue mark signifies something important, in Malaysia it is more than just a sign you voted. It is the best way, the awesome way, the most responsible-Malaysian-adult way... to start splurging on the promotions!!

To encourage Malaysians to go out and vote, stores and cafes nationwide will give you a special discount, if you show them the finger!


And since we pride ourselves in our food, we'll be happily eating our way out of the polling station and on the way back home.

Elsie's Doodle Journal: Polling Day! Word of the day: Undi = Vote

The little paper with our polling number

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