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Faithful, Calm, & Collected Morning Routine

Specially during my workdays, I would head over to my fave cafe, be the first customer to arrive, find my fav Nook at the café and have a quiet moment to myself.

I'm always accompanied by a book and try my best to be away from the phone. Just a special moment for myself. A lot of times I'll be inspired by my reads and start jumping into doodling. It could be a quote I read or perhaps inspired by the layout of the pages in a mag. I would stop where I read and start doodling.

Most of my beautiful curated rubberstamp designs are often brainstormed during these morning Rituals.

As for today ,

Looking at the cafes scene I try catching all the details of its surroundings. Although I have been in this same spot for so many times now but it never gave me a sense of boredom. It's always beam me up. 😊

As the crowd starts coming in I would be ready to face the day fully energized and fueled by coffee and a good head space. It's a very important routine for me.

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