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A Chat with Mama Cat!

You see what I did there with the title? In case you didn't get it, chat also means 'cat' in French (ba dum tss) Today we're having a very special person here. Someone who is a crucial part of the Elsiewithlove team. She's also very much involved in making sure that everything at the Tofu Studio goes as smoothly as it is. She's none other thannn, drum roll pleaseee: Mama Cat!! Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of our very dear Mama Cat? What she initially thought of when we ventured into this little business? Then come take a read as we gather her thoughts in this exclusive Q&A sesh with her :))

Before we get started on the questions, here's a brief introduction of Mama Cat! Mama Cat is of course our beloved Mom who is a pillar of strength, support and love to our family. She was a kindergarten teacher but is now a full-time grandmama to 2 grandchildren. Just like Elsie, she loves arts and crafts, and would teach kids in her kindergarten to get creative! Her passion for crafts is immense, and we would often call her a craft hoarder back then 😂. Why? Because like many of us, she used to keep all sorts of scissors in a big wooden box. Even I get the occasional disappointment whenever I open the British Butter Cookies box only to find her threads and needles inside :') Safe to say, this 'tradition' of keeping so many art supplies is still in practice today! Evident by Elsie's messy space. So without further ado... Here's Mama Cat!

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